We recommend using quality oxygen-free copper wires for best connection. In most cases, you should use 2-core wires. There are instances where single core wires (ie. series wiring) and 4-core wires (ie. subwoofer) can be substituted.

In all outdoor installations, we strongly recommend using burial-grade speaker wires. The thicker, denser insulation will help to protect the longevity and performance of the speaker wire in the long run. Alternatively, standard speaker wires can be used with conduits.

The recommended gauge of the wire will depend on the distance from the amplifier to the speaker. Below is a chart of the recommended speaker wire gauge vs distance:

Distance between amplifier and speakerRecommended gauge (AWG)Approximate % of power loss at max distance @ 8Ω
0 - 50 ft1815%
50 - 100 ft1615%
100 - 200 ft1420%

Please note rate of power loss will increase for higher impedance load (ie. 4Ω). For distance longer than 200 ft, you may use thicker gauge or consider using a 70v system. In addition, the relationship between "perceived loudness" and power level is not linear. In most normal installations, a 20% drop in power level may only cause a 5-10% decrease in "perceived loudness".

You can always use a gauge thicker than the recommended gauge. If the increased loss of power is acceptable, you may use a lighter gauge wire but we do not recommend it.