Before setting up the GS50 and TFS50 subwoofer, please be sure to first read the following two articles:

What is the difference between passive and active subwoofer?

What amplifier should I use for my GS50/TFS50 subwoofer?

The GS50/TFS50 subwoofer has a dual voice coil (DVC) woofer driver, a built-in crossover, and optional satellite speaker capability. This offers a wide range of flexibility on wiring.

In this article, we will cover various wiring options under two scenarios. Please click on one of the following two scenarios:

1) Subwoofer only

2) Subwoofer with satellite speakers


Subwoofer Only

Whether you are connecting the subwoofer to the regular speaker output of a standard amplifier or a dedicated subwoofer amplifier, we recommend using one of the follow two options:

  1. Standard 2-Channel 8Ω Connection: Connect the red (+) and black (-) to the right channel output and blue (+) and yellow (-) to the left channel.
  2. Mono/bridged 4Ω Connection: Connect red and blue wires to the positive terminal and black and yellow wires to the negative terminal.

If the amplifier can only accept a single 8Ω connection, you can simply connect the red (+) and black (-) wires to the amplifier and seal off the blue and yellow wires individually with electric tapes or wire nuts.

Since no satellite speakers are used, each four output tails (two red wires and two black wires) should also be sealed off with electric tapes or wire nuts. The subwoofer will NOT work if the red and black satellite output wires are in contact with each other.

Please note that the GS50/TFS50 cannot be connected to the LFE (low frequency effect) port (aka "Subwoofer Out") of an amplifier. The LFE RCA jack is not amplified, thus not strong enough to drive the subwoofer. However, you can use the LFE port to pass a filtered low frequency signal to a second amplifier (regular or subwoofer amp) and use the second amplifier as a dedicated subwoofer amplifier.

Subwoofer with satellite speakers

As covered in the article "What amplifier should I use for my GS50/TFS50 subwoofer?", you can only connect satellite speakers to the GS50/TFS50 if you are using a standard amplified speaker signal. The satellite will not work as designed if you are connecting the subwoofer to a dedicated subwoofer amplifier. The satellite speaker connection is optional and provides a convenient and cost-effective way to wire your outdoor sound system.

With satellite speakers, the impedance load of each channel is 4Ω. Your amplifier must be capable to handle 4Ω load if you are adding satellite speakers to the subwoofer. While we recommend pairing the GS50/TFS50 with the matching 8Ω speaker within the same series, any industry-standard 8Ω single-channel loudspeaker should be compatible with the subwoofer as well. Below are the steps to connect the subwoofer and satellite speakers.

  1. First, connect the 4-core input tail by connecting the red (+) and black (-) to the right channel output and blue (+) and yellow (-) to the left channel.
  2. Connect two satellite speakers to each of the two satellite speaker output tails (red and black wires).

It is possible to connect the subwoofer to mono/bridged output (via parallel or series wiring) but we do not recommend doing so with two satellite speakers. However, it should be safe to do so with one satellite speaker. For mono/bridged connection with one satellite speaker, simply by bypass connecting blue and yellow wires of the input tail along with the left channel output tail. Each of those four wires should be sealed off individually by electrical tapes or wire nuts.